Most Muslims Are a Problem:
The Muslim Spectrum

Muslim Spectrum

Warning:  Everything below, not above, is only a metaphor, “not real.” Everything we do and recommend in real life follows the law, even though our rhetoric (“language”) might suggest otherwise.

Welcome to our administrative website for the New Crusaders, millions worldwide who are going to crush ISIS and the other jihadists.  The leaders of many countries, including America, are weak and cannot get the job done.  Therefore, we must get the job done.

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Time To Kill Muslims

It is time to begin killing Muslims.  They have murdered us in the Middle East, in Europe, and in America.  It is time to fight back.  However:

We must fight smart.

There are certain rules we must follow and certain facts we need to know.  The first rule is “The Rule of Law,” which states that we can and must kill Muslims without breaking the law.